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"Inspirational author, motivational coach, excited adventurer,
energetic entrepreneur, thoughtful artist, happy socializer, whimsical scientist,
compassionate philanthropist"



- That sort of sums it up in a nutshell, right there.

Of course it doesn't; there are always so many different facets to a person, so many different angles to view someone, and so many qualities, traits and characteristics that it's almost impossible to sum up a person in one go.

However, I figured that since you are here, and perhaps after reading one of the books or following FortuneWell on FaceBook, you might want to know who the guy is behind all of this. And that guy would, surprisingly enough, be me.

I'm from Sweden, born and raised, and I've been living quite few years abroad in wonderful places like Australia, Caribbean and Europe. I've had many different and interesting jobs, where the more prestigious titles were Graphic Designer, Air Traffic Controller and Captain (although the latter should really be referred to as “Skipper”). I love writing books and novels (although my writers-block do not agree with that). I have a passion for partaking in exciting adventures (although my lazy-gland prefers staying on the couch, watching movies). I love anything that has to do with water, particularly sailing. I have a black belt in Karate and am absolutely fascinated by martial arts in general. I love socializing, meeting new people, and hanging out with old friends. Finally, I'm kind to animals, albeit not being a vegetarian more than occasionally.

- Is that all, or do you like to know more? Alright then...

I started FortuneWell many years ago, and when it had formed and matured to what it were supposed to be (an acquaintance suggested that I should run an online casino instead!) the focus and mission of it was to inspire and motivate people to optimize the quality of their lives and to achieve their personal success. I figured that if there was methods and strategies that I had used and that worked for me, others could benefit from them as well, which is why The Power of Mind Mapping came about and was the first eBook to be launched.

Now, I'm one of those people with tons of ideas, an abundance of projects and a passion to do more, to learn more and to live more. So naturally, FortuneWell is only part of what I do, albeit being very close to my heart and playing a significant role in my life. So while developing FortuneWell into what it is today, I have also been immersed in other venues ranging from writing books and short stories, to challenging myself with travels around the globe; from developing products and business ideas, to learning new skills and trades; from nurturing my artistic side, to design and invent exciting new things; from dealing with personal development, to philosophizing about the spiritual side of life

So you see, I'm very passionate about improving oneself and ones situation, which is really what FortuneWell epitomize. I love to learn new things and to have new experiences. I find it absolutely fascinating to optimize our mental abilities and to develop and cultivate a positive, strong and resourceful mental attitude. And all of these things boils down to one single thing:

- To have a passion for life!

See, I believe that life can be lived with excitement, joy and passion every single day. I believe that if we open our eyes to the amazing marvels of the world, the quality of our lives will dramatically improve. I believe that when we become more compassionate, when we become more accepting, and when we become more appreciative, then life will provide us with wonderful experiences, amazing achievements and all the possibilities you could ever wish for.

- In essence, life is yours to be lived to its fullest!

Now, I know that this might sound too good to be true. After all, everybody has ups and downs, including you and including me. Some days are fantastic, some are average, and some are quite horrible. But when you begin to change your mental attitude to view happenings in a positive, resourceful light, you will find that you can instantly overcome the obstacles at hand. When you calibrate your mindset and focus on what's important, you will find that a lot of the overwhelming issues are vaporized like clouds on a hot sunny day. When you experience life with joy and with passion, the hard times will be easier, your achievements will be greater, and you will be on your merry way to live the life of your dreams!

Personally, this is something that I'm actively working on every day. And I only started quite recently to calibrate myself to have a harmonic, resourceful and positive mindset. As a matter of fact, I really started doing this when I began writing DreamCatcher, back in 2007. And it actually culminated in me changing the direction of my life entirely, for good and for the better!

I was at the time working as an Air Traffic Control Officer, and although air traffic controlling is a very prestigious and fine job, it didn't satisfy me as a person. I had enrolled in it under well-intended pressure from friends and family, and I was constantly aware of that I should do something different, and that I wasn't in the right place in life. So after 7 years in the industry, I decided to call it quits and leave everything behind.

At the time, I had been writing DreamCatcher, a book that had taken me over 10 years to be able to produce and that literally summed up the key elements to achieve success in every area of life. As I finished writing it at the same time as I handed in my resignation, I figured that the author might bloody well practice what he preaches.


- So why not go bold; Instead of enrolling in a new education or finding a job in Sweden, I took the little money I had saved up to pay off the loans to my bank, bought a one-way ticket, and headed down to the Caribbean. That decision almost rendered me bankrupt (after a month, I had only 3 days worth of money left!), but I was determined to make it work, and to make it work through the principles I had outlined in DreamCatcher.

And did it work! Not only did I manage to establish myself socially and economically with new friends and several interesting jobs, I also achieved the dream of getting my own boat, only half a year after arriving! Later on, I finished a movie project of mine, which was very well-received and featured both in local newspapers and on island websites. Leaving the Caribbean after 3,5 years, I went back to Sweden to help my family with their new business, a kennel / daycare for dogs and cats, and assisted them in making it one of the most popular ones in that area. I then went over to the UK, where I spent quite some time and finally got my act together (I hadn't re-read the DreamCatcher for about two years then) and did all the courses for my sailing qualifications. This had been a lifelong dream (or at least the dream throughout a decade) as I had worked for a charter company in Australia 9 years earlier, and always wanted to get back in that industry. And after passing the exams with flying colors, I was able to commercially skipper a sailing- or power vessel and professionally work at sea.

Armed with my new certificates, I instantly got a job for a charter company, but as this did not work out to meet my expectations or requirements, I left after 4 months and met up with a good friend who invited me to start a charter company together with him, operating in the Mediterranean.


Now, you might not think that this story is particularly spectacular. On the other hand, you might be in absolute awe for the achievements outlined above. Maybe you've reached greater success yourself. Or you might consider this story a fantastic inspiration for your own pursuit of your goals.

Either or, it doesn't matter, and what I mean by that is that there is no comparison, no competition. We all have different goals and dreams that are personal to us, and that bears an individual significance for each and everyone of us. You have your goals and dreams, as do I, as do everyone on the planet. What matters is what we choose to do about them, how we choose to act upon them, how we choose to think and how we choose to live!

See, the world is a marvelous place, filled with exciting adventures, great lessons to be learned, and possibilities all around you. The goals and dreams you have are yours to realize, and the life of your dreams are yours to be lived. You are an amazing individual with an unfathomable, untapped potential within. You have the power within to do virtually anything, to achieve anything and to be anything you want to be. And the life of your dreams are screaming for you to come and live it!

When you get the right methods and strategies, you will unleash that enormous potential within that's been laying dormant, waiting to explode. With the right tools and techniques, you can start shaping yourself into the powerful and resourceful individual you are. With the right mental calibration you will get that intense mindset that will make you live life with excitement, joy and passion. It will make you more compassionate, more accepting, and more appreciative. It will give you amazing experiences, wonderful achievements, and a dramatically improved quality of life. It will make you achieve your goals, reach your personal success, and live the life of your dreams.

- And this is when you live life to its fullest!

Best of optimization and success, a life of your dreams.




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