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A message from Marcus Ingemann


Dear friend, I must say that I'm really excited that you are here, because that tells me that you already have a desire to make a dramatic and positive change in your life! With the material from FortuneWell, you will get some of the most powerful tools to get motivated, inspired and creative to achieve greatness in life. This is the knowledge you need to get on a straight course towards the realization of any goal you might have. So go ahead, and make this the first step on your journey towards the life of your dreams!


Marcus Ingemann













The Vision...


…is extremely powerful, and I’m truly excited that you are here to be part of it! However, to explain my idea of the vision, I would like to begin with a story…


Imagine an old well out in the countryside. It has been standing there for ages, through generations and through the forces of nature, and there is a strange story that surrounds it, a folklore that has been passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, throughout the course of history.


It is said that anyone who drinks from the water in the well, is given the powers to succeed with their goals and to reach any dream they might have. When one drinks from the well, the water magically unleashes the inspiration that is slumbering inside of each and every human. It boosts the creativity and makes the drinker able to see the solutions instead of problems. When one drink of the water in the old well, one will get the knowledge necessary to reach the dreams and fulfill wishes that no one thought was possible.


Quite an imagination, if there was such a well. Just imagine, taking one little zip of the water and instantly being able to jump on the express train towards the life you dream of. Imagine if you could just take one cup of this water, and immediately understand the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.


- That would be really powerful!


That is what I want to be for you. It is my goal and desire to make this the resourceful well from where you will get the strength, unleash the power and build your knowledge of how to get to the life of your dreams! I want to give you the most powerful thing I can: And that is to give you the possibility to change your life to the better, the opportunity to live your life to its fullest every single day! I want to inspire you to become creative, and give you the knowledge you need to reach the life of your dreams!


You truly deserve it, and it is my deepest wish that I can help you in your strive towards your goals, towards your personal success, to the life of your dreams.


So there you have the FortuneWell Vision, and I’m very grateful to be part of your journey and to be able to contribute in your strive, and I’m also very excited and I truly believe that you will have a fantastic time ahead of you, as you are heading straight towards your dreams!


Best wishes and good Fortune.

- Now, go and have a drink from the Well!


Marcus Ingemann



Fun Facts about


- I have some questions about a product, before I order.
If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'll get back to you immediately!


- I have some questions about the shipping of my order.

Please have a look at the shipping FAQs on the relevant companys' page. If you cannot find the answer there, contact me and I'll try to find the answer for you!


- I have a problem with my order.

Again, please contact me, and I'll try to sort out your problem. You might be more successful going straight to the ordering companies though (f.ex. amazon or createspace). If you can't find a soluiton there, I'll do everything I can to assist you.


- What payments do you accept?

It depends on the product, since there are different producers. Most of the items on accepts PayPal, which also supports major credit cards. However, if you buy an item from Amazon, they do not accept PayPal, only credit card. However, the products are identical no matter where you shop, and these companies guarantee that you shop safely over a secure connection!


- Are there other products on the way?

Most certainly! There are complete success-videos, inspiring coffeetable books, audio courses and much more coming! And if you have a suggestion or would like to have something specific, just let me know and I'll look into it!




- For how long has this been around? has been around since about 1998, and the Success-concept since around 2005. The first version of the DreamCatcher was released 2007, and the new and improved re-release in 2011 with distribution on and bookstores.


- Why are you doing this?

Because its fantastic! Seriously, there are few things that are so emotionally inspiring for me, as when I'm able to help, guide and assist someone to fullfillment and success! Whether it's face-to-face, in a seminar, through a book or in a video, knowing that someone has been motivated enough to take action and decided to make a change, inspires me greatly!


- Is the free stuff in the members section really free?

Yep, 100%, no strings attached. Consider it my gift to you; to inspire and motivate you to reach the life of your dreams!


- Why are there spelling- and grammar mistakes here and there?

Because I'm from Sweden, and English is not our first language there. Didn't you ever watch the Muppet Show? The Swedish Chef? There you go...


- Why do you do this in English anyway?

Because there are about 9 million people in Sweden. There are billions who speak english. It is my desire to get through to people and guide them to success, regardless of country. And communicating in english is a good way to start.



- Do you offer personal consultation and coaching?

Yes. I'm more than happy to assist you to achieve greatness in any way I can. Please contact me, so we can arrange a session through mail, phone or face-to-face, and so we can agree on a quote first.


- Are there any seminars I can attend?

There will very soon be some powerful FortuneWell seminars in the DreamCatching spirit! Be sure to LIKE on facebook or follow the blog to get notified about the upcoming schedules. In the meantime, check out the existing material here on FortuneWell!


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