Become a Master Mind

Learn the correct techniques for making effective mind maps that you can actually use to get the edge in creativity, productivity and learning. Discover powerful mind mapping methods and adopt them to excel in your career, succeed with your studies and create significant movement in your projects. Use these mind mapping strategies to make the maximum use of your natural mental processes and your own subconscious to assist you in every area of your life.

The Mind Mapping Effect

Imagine to be more efficient at work, succeed with your studies, progress with your projects and remember complex information in an instant, every time.

Imagine to have the edge in creativity, productivity and learning and to cultivate your mnemonic qualities to their maximum potential.

Imagine unleashing the power of your subconscious and develop your recollective and intellectual abilities to a masters' level!

What is Mind Mapping?

Don’t know what this is all about? The Power of Mind Mapping is a great introduction that has been available for almost two decades and has been downloaded and appreciated by tenths of thousands of mind mappers worldwide.

Discover easy and effective mind mapping systems, tips and tricks, creative project development, accelerated learning capacities and understanding complex systems easily.

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This course has been available to the mind mapping community for over 10 years and has been highly appreciated by thousands. Here's what others have said:

"Hi Marcus, just wanted to say that your Mind Mapping Power Pack course might just be the best one out there! I'm finally able to make use of mind mapping for my studies and personal life! I'm recommending this to everyone! Thank you so much!"
Linda, USA

"Fantastic examples, great pictures, well explained - you are even a funny guy every now and then! This book was a real treat!"
Brandon, UK

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I will recommend it to my staff!"
Lukas, Denmark

"I know some mind mapping already, and this book were great for both the beginner and the experienced. The examples were great and I the last bonus book is super-interesting!"
Jorrit, Netherlands

The goal...

My goal with the Mind Mapping Power was to summon the best techniques, the best tools, to give explanations of powerful solutions and to act as a source of inspiration for you. With this book you will HAVE the information about mind mapping and be able to to USE mind mapping efficiently.

When done right, mind mapping helps you to enhance and improve the quality of your life. It could be minor things as structuring a grocery list or the movies you want to see, or it could be something huge as planning your new house or organising your entire company. Regardless of what you use mind mapping for, it will improve your situation.

 Mind mapping will make a dramatic change in your life as you use the techniques that actually works and gives you real, tangible and immediate results! You will be able to organize everything in life in a highly efficient way, memorize complex system with ease, and make an understandable structure of all that information we are blasted with on a daily basis!

It's as simple as that. Mind mapping, when used right, can and will improve your life. And that is what I want to show you with the Mind Mapping Power.

- Are you ready to become a genius?

I know, it's a bold question. But imagine for a second what will happen when you unleash the enormous potential of your mind. Imagine when you start to harness the power of your own subconscious and unleash the natural genius inside of you. And imagine how it will be like when you turn in to a true master mind!

Mind mapping is a fantastic technique for developing your mental skills and in this book you will discover some of the most effective techniques and methods. It's "Power-Packed" with useful hints, tips and tricks about mind mapping and how to increase your efficiency by using strategies that actually works. You will learn some powerful techniques that will give you a profound understanding of the procedures of mind mapping.

Contents & Chapters

"The Scales"
"Brainstorming - The Extended Version"
"The Big Picture - The Extended Version"
"Info-Boxes and To Give A Presentation"
"How to Highlight A Headline
and To Work With Layers"
"Lines - The Extended Version"
"Bullets - The Extended Version"
"Colours - The Extended Version"
"Layout - The Extended Version"
"Area Definition"
"The Power of Associations- The Extended Version"
=Problem Solving"
"The Abstract World of the Mind"

Bonus Chapters

"Mind Mapping & One-Liners"
Learn how to create a step-by-step plan with mind mapping and the method of following it consistently. This will make any project you have easier to complete and will speed up your efficiency dramatically.

"Picture This!"
You will learn how to use your visual memory to the max with a close to 100% success rate (compressing more unsorted information and remembering it). This is as close to photographic memory as it gets with the difference that it can be learned and it WORKS immediately.

"The Infinite Universe of the Limitless Mind
- A Session in Mind Mastery"
We will discuss in depth how the subconscious operates, how it absorbs and processes information and how to work together with it to achieve astonishing results! With this, you will have the edge in mental optimization and mnemonic skills to bring out the genius inside!

Just imagine yourself... the future, a couple of years from now. You are living a great life and you achieve your goals and succeed with your projects all the time. Your work is perfect and you are helping the company to develop and progress. On your free time, you are happy and organized, and you have at least ten times more time to do the things you love. And as you are in this future, looking back on today, you see that it was many small turns that lead you to this future, but there was one major leap that changed your life entirely:

- That's right, the answer is Mind Mapping!

Look, I'm not saying that mind mapping is some magical wand that sprinkles fairy-dust all over your life. What I'm saying is that mind mapping is a way to understand your own brain, and to structure your thoughts and thinking in a very effective way. And that's why you can see yourself in a couple of years from now, having a great, organized and structured life, just as described above, when you start using the techniques correctly today!

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